Beating the Multiple-Deck Games

The handwriting has been on the wall for some years now. The casinos prefer multiple-deck games, and the more decks the happier they are. They prefer the multiple decks for several reasons. The game is faster for them, so they can make more money in a shorter period of time, and not waste time constantly shuffling up the single deck.

In the multiple-deck games the cards are generally dealt face up, so that the player doesn’t have to touch them, and thus they prevent cheating of the type called “hand-mucking,” when the player exchanges other cards he’s been holding for the cards dealt to him.

Finally, they can now play with the rule of “no-peeking,” so that the dealer doesn’t give away a tell, or indication of the value of his hole card when he has to peek after holding an we or 10-value card as his upcard.

It’s getting more and more difficult to find these single-deck games. There are a number of them in downtown Las Vegas the smaller casinos, and on the Strip as well. Here’s a list that might come in handy for you, although new casinos are being built, new management is constantly coming in, and casinos change their rules and regulations constantly.

Las Vegas single-deck games: Circus Circus, Landmark, Palace Station, Royal Las Vegas, Silver City, Slots A Fun, Vegas World, El Cortez, Golden Gate, Gold Spike, Horseshoe, Park, Pioneer, Fitzgeralds, Nevada Palace, Jerry’s Nugget, SilĀ­ver Nugget, Eldorado.