Being Self Conscious

Are they comfortable or uncomfortable with their own baldness? Men that take extraordinary steps to conceal their baldness are more prone to being self-conscious. This is different from the self-consciousness about abnormalities because virtually all men had hair. Their behavior can take many forms.

Some men are quick to be defensive and may be too prone to striking out at other players verbally when they feel as if anyone questions anything that they do.

They may appear to have a chip on their shoulder, and one contributor may be their feelings about being bald. It is simple to cover up baldness with a hat, and very acceptable in a poker room. Therefore, it is the person who feels more comfortable with his lack of hair that I think gives the most clues.

Men comfortable with their lack of hair tend to be at the higher end of the self-confidence scale. They are much less concerned with what other people think and are likely to play poker exactly how they feel like playing. Typically, these men are more outgoing, and their play is more `carefree’.

Of course, each individual can achieve any level of skill, but do not be surprised to see this group of men betting and raising aggressively. They will get at least as much pleasure from putting a bad beat on you as they do from winning a legitimate hand. They are certainly going to be comfortable playing their own game.

Some men are virtually apathetic to their baldness. You need to evaluate these men using other clues. They may give few hints as to their personality because they keep to themselves. Again, expect to see less aggressive betting and raising than is optimal due to their personality rather than anything related to their hairline.