Fairness in the online casino

If you are new to the world of online gambling then welcome! You can prepare yourself for a wild ride with excitement and thrills pure that does not exist in other activities. Yes, the world of online gambling is unique and offers a completely different experience than in a casino or casino. I myself had some problems at the beginning, as I was more of the guy who gambled at gambling establishments and, if I could afford it, visited various casinos in the Republic. So I knew what to expect and what I was looking for.

Online gambling was for me in the early days a whole new world with different rules. When I started playing online, I was not sure at the beginning which tools to consult, and if there was any way I could put my experience into the casino at an online casino.

And exactly this situation unsettled me a bit. For example, the payout rates would be the same. More importantly … what about the fairness of a slot? Would not somebody try to beat me over the table somehow?

If you find yourself in the same situation as I did then, it’s best to take a deep breath and follow me. I’ll give you some interesting and hopefully helpful insights into the world of online gambling. You will then know about the things you do, but also those you should rather stay.

As a relative newbie in the world of online gambling, for example, I was always concerned with payouts or payouts. Well, the good news is that online casinos pay just the same, in most cases even higher profits.

For example, let’s take a look at slots. The slot machines in an online casino have the best payout rates compared to all other games. Some online slots offer a payout percentage of 97%, while the average is generally 95%. It is very rare to find an online casino offering a payout percentage of 93% or less.

This is not the case with a land based casino or casino. Most casinos would not publish the payout percentage anyway, and in general they are not even the average 95%.

I remember my first online casino visit. I decided to try my luck playing online slot machines. What could I lose, I thought. I remember how surreal the experience was. And every once in a while, the feeling that something was not going right with things was bothering me. I thought of the possibility of manipulating the casino>; somehow it was probably fiddled with the software. Well, it took a while until I figured out that this is not the case. Let me explain it.

If you choose a reputable online casino like the Intercasino, you do not need to worry. Most reputable online casinos make the fairness of their games 100% secure. Take a look at the terms and conditions. There you will surely find a few paragraphs on this topic with information that will reassure you. Most such online casinos undergo regular third-party audits to ensure fair gaming.

These independent third parties or control organizations are in no way affiliated with the online casino in any way. This could calm me down a bit then. The fact is that I do not even start playing at an online casino that does not undergo regular audits, no matter how great a current bonus or promotional offer should be.

Furthermore, one should also take the online casino software provider of the respective casino under the magnifying glass. Among the big and well-known manufacturers are Microgaming, Playtech and Realtime Gaming, who release their software only if they have withstood and fulfilled several TST tests. The test series ensure that the results always come about at random and thus the fairness is guaranteed. All online casino software providers that pass these tests will be certified.

Underestimate under no circumstances the importance of the on-line casino software. If an online casino does not have certification for the software, then keep away from it. Do not take any risks. You can never make sure that the software has not been compromised for the benefit of the online casino. This will never be the case with the software of a certified manufacturer; if this came out, then a legal hurricane would break out on the online casino and the software vendor.

If you are still worried about whether an online casino somehow manipulates its software in its favor, then you should read on. Most reputable online casinos rely on the so-called Random Number Generator (RNG), on well German random number generator. This software ensures that all results of online casino games are purely random and you can not manipulate them. The results of the audit are always published regularly at EuroGrand Casino.

Many consider fairness as anything that can only be understood by analyzing the random number generators reports or evaluations; this also applies to the payout percentage. The interesting thing about this report is that it can also be compared to the other reports from the other casinos. The report provides information on whether and how fair and coincidental this is. You can use these reports to create industry standards that online casinos follow because of the reasons for safe & fair gaming.

Important is the consideration of the payout percentage. This gives the player an insight how many winnings of the registered players in a monthly period were distributed. With the help of such a report, one can ensure that one can get an accurate picture of the fairness of the relevant online casino.

Now, before opening an online casino account and making a deposit, it is important to take some time to light up the fairness of certain games. For this reason, read the various reports provided on the RNG report and the payout percentages. There you will find concrete evidence of fairness and if everything is right.

For the best odds, you should only play at the online casinos that offer fair and regulated games. You do not want it, as I learn in the beginning, the hard way and annoyed about blue and green, right? There is really no excuse for irresponsible gambling. You will soon be able to find out yourself like a cunning casino fan which online casino is safe & fair. Good luck!