The title will certainly surprise you a bit and I really can not blame you. What does gambling have to do with superstition for heaven’s sake? In my opinion, and if you have done all the homework and obedience, including reading the fine print, then it comes at the end when visiting the online casino at last only on the assistance of luck goddess Fortuna.

I personally try everything possible to win the favor of Fortuna. I know, it sounds a bit weird or maybe it lacks any logic, but you never know. And they certainly already know it themselves; A little luck in all circumstances does not hurt, right?

While superstition itself can certainly not give you more chances to win your online casino visit, it can provide you with a positive attitude while playing and strengthening your self-confidence. OK, it sounds more like a New Age philosophy, but you should never underestimate the power of positive energy. In my experience, a positive attitude also makes for a good feeling when visiting a casino website and ultimately determines the gaming behavior.

However important it is to make sure that an online casino is secure and fair, you should not dismiss the superstition of gambling as a hoax. A little superstition can provide for a completely different game enjoyment, and I mean that in a positive sense. For example, I never play in a casino or online casino without making sure that I can somehow get the luck on my side.

For the skeptics among you, I can really understand you. I was just as skeptical as you were at the beginning. I also dismissed superstition as a kind of fantasy. What I do know is that it was a mistake. What you need to understand is the simple fact that all people somehow cling to something. That’s also true, and especially, for the world of gambling.

Take a look around, in your circle of friends, acquaintances or family. There is certainly one or the other who believes in good luck charms or magic tricks that him or her z, B. gambling luck at the slot, right? So why should not it be the case with online gambling?

There are hundreds of different myths and superstitions about gambling. Some are more likely to be represented than others and, believe it or not, this includes, for example, the belief that a dog should bring luck to the gaming table. Some gamers even trust the magic effect of a toe of a horny toad (no, I did not invent that!).

Some superstitious players even wear horseshoes or a rabbit’s foot around their necks or have them on the man (or woman). Some lucky charms are bizarre, or harmless, like wearing a particular piece of clothing, etc. But that does not end with such lucky charms.

It is not uncommon to see the magic of some players. Some players will see you either blow on the dice in a certain way, like Craps or Sic Bo. Other players simply press their thumbs or kiss the playing cards before the start of a round of cards.

For example, some gamblers, or those who really succumb to superstition, never enter a casino or casino through the front door. That sounds crazy, but some gamblers are firmly convinced that the luck of losers will otherwise stick to them! For this reason, such superstitious players use the existing page inputs.

Some players who are almost maniacally superstitious come from Asia. They are convinced that the color red brings them luck. That’s why you see the players from the Far East always in red clothes; with the conviction that this will give them a lot of luck.

For example, other even more unusual superstitious players never count their money while playing. They are obsessed that this will bring them bad luck; and do not count a cent or chips throughout the game. These players also try not to touch other players’ chips; not by chance! Should this happen, then these superstitious players will leave the gaming table or even the casino.

But it is not just the players who are superstitious. Many casinos ensure that players can play in a truly “blissful” environment. The casinos in Las Vegas, for example, do without a 13th floor; the number 13 is considered by most players as a bad luck number.

The number 7 on the other hand is considered one of the lucky numbers at all. For this reason you will find, and you may already have noticed for yourself, the number 7 in some form on most slot machines. The number 7 is considered the symbol of luck, wealth and prosperity.

Interestingly, it is the number 8 which counts among the lucky numbers of the Chinese. Some believe that the reason is the pronunciation; in Chinese, 8 is pronounced as Ba, which is very similar to the sound Fa, for success. But not only in gambling is it the number 8 that, if you believe it, has magical abilities – and see that there is the 888 Casino.

What some of us, and I belong to it, certainly did not know … the beginning of the Summer Olympics in 2008 was … yes, 08.08.08! But it gets even curious … the games were opened exactly at 8 o’clock, 8 minutes and 8 seconds!

There are online casinos that have used this kind of superstition. For example, consider bonuses or promotions made available in time for the Chinese New Year for the Year of the Ox. The slot, Happy Golden Ox of Happiness, celebrates not only the Chinese New Year, but also the number 8. The payouts are in 8, 8, 888, 888, 88, and 8 coins.

There is superstition everywhere, and gamblers seem to be convinced of it in most cases. This is no wonder even in a world where risk, chance and unpredictability are concerned. Whether superstition or not, it is clear that it is widespread. What I personally think … well. Let’s just put it this way: As long as you play and develop certain habits, maybe even your own superstition, then I can not see anything bad or unfavorable. Just have fun with the game and follow the tips and tricks I have shown! Good luck! I’ll keep my fingers crossed …